Llanwenog Hogget Meat for sale

16th June 2014

3 lambs are going to slaughter, some meat will be available for sale. It would be classed as hogget, as they are 15 month old. Hogget meat has much more of a fuller and interesting taste than lamb, as it has been reared on grass, herbs and not on concentrates to get them up to weight.

At this time of year, why buy anaemic and overpriced “spring” lamb from sheep fattened up indoors on compound feeds, or imported long-haul from the southern hemisphere, when hogget, which ispatiently reared in the Wales, is on offer?

Please use the contact page to see what we will have available.

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1 Response to Llanwenog Hogget Meat for sale

  1. Dave Ablett says:

    Hi Sue,

    I should have emailed earlier – the lamb is out of this world delicious. One of the best I have eaten!!

    many thanks

    Dave A

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