Bouncing lambs

The first 7 lambs have been moved into the big pen, so they can enjoy the company of the other lambs. As they had been in a small bonding pen, they can’t wait to stretch their legs and bounce around. Will never get tired of watching this… When the weather has improved a bit, we can get them out in the field and then they can run as much as they like.

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Silvia’s lambs

Another set of twins, this time from Silvia. A very experienced Mum, all went very well. She gave us a ewe lamb and ram lamb, total now so far at 4 ewe lambs and 7 ram lambs.

3 more ewes to go. Fingers crossed they all turn out as well as the 11 lambs…




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Our Large Black Weaners have arrived

Our 5 weaners have arrived as well, they are settling in very well and starting to get used to their new environment.

LB weaners 2018

Amazing how quickly they start digging the field over…

20180320_134320 weaners 2018


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Lambing has started

Well, lambing has truly started, within a few days we had 3 twins and 1 single lamb, just 5 ewes to go and they do look ready.

starting with Ute and her twins

20180320_081706 Ute lambs

then in the evening Zia lambed her ewe lamb

20180321_103241 Zia lamb

a couple of days later Zina with her twins

Zina's twins

followed by Tina

20180319_085355 Zina lambs

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Llanwenog/Bluefaced Leicester yarn

After a week of snow and freezing temperatures, today was like spring. Sun was shining and everything looked great.

My yarn came back from the mill a couple of weeks ago, this time I had my Llanwenog fleeces blended with a some Bluefaced Leicester fleeces from a local farm to produce a gorgeous blend in 4ply, mix is about 75%/25%.

As the weather was so nice, I decided to get some of the skeins dyed and drying in the breeze outside. I just love the turquoise and blue tones.

I can then knit up a shawl to show off the yarn, Wonderwool Wales is coming up end of April, still so much to do until then.


yarn dyed march 18

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Our 4 orphan lambs

We helped our farmer next door for 2 weeks with lambing, mainly looking after the ewes and lambs afterwards. There was plenty to do with making sure they had feed, water and clean straw every day.

Unfortunately, a couple of ewes were not interested in their lambs, so we started to bottle feed them. The other two lambs are twins from a set of quads, which would have struggled getting enough milk from the ewe.

In the end we decided to take them home to our farm and raise them. We are not lambing our own ewes for about 2 – 3 weeks, so those 4 will have a head start.

orphan lambs

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Ram has arrived

Our Ram for the 14 ewes has arrived, let’s see how he gets on with them…. Hopefully we can expect a barn full of bouncing healthy lambs end of March/early April 2018


Ram 2017

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