Cutting haylage 2018

The weather has been so amazing the last few weeks, the grass has grown so much, that we can already cut our first haylage for the winter. As we don’t have any rye grass, only meadow grass, there are a lot of different flowers etc growing in the grass. Our sheep certainly like eating this over the winter months…

haylage field 1

We cut the first of 5 sections a couple of days ago, cut grass always smells so good. Sun has been drying this very quickly as well.

haylage field 1 baled


Today we baled the grass into our small round bales, easy to handle. Just finished wrapping as well, was nice and easy work, as all the bales were neat and tidy so wrapping without problems.

haylage field 1 wrapped

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Chicks are 4 weeks old

Our chicks on a field trip, Mum is showing them everything there is to know. Amazing watching them scratching for bugs etc already.

They have integrated very well so far into the flock, none of the other hens are attacking or chasing the chicks around. They still sleep in a separate coop for now, hopefully once they are old enough to join the main coop, they will be fine.

chicks 4 weeks old


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Our first chicks in 2018 are growing

Our chicks hatched over a week ago and are growing fast. They have now developed feathers on their wings and are exploring the outside run.

chicks 1 week old

I am pleased to say that we have at least 2 hens, which will lay olive green eggs. Still waiting to see, what the yellow chick will grow into. They are all so gorgeous.

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Pigs cooling off

We have had an unusual sunny and dry couple of weeks in May, and after a very wet and cold extended winter, it is wonderful to be able to get some things done outside. The fields have dried off and the grass finally is growing. We can prepare the hay fields for cutting hopefully in June/July and shearing is also planed for June. The sheep are getting hot under their fleeces and try and get into the shade as much as possible.

Our pigs also need cooling off, we prepared a wallow for them, so they can cool down by covering themselves with mud.

piggies mudbath

As you can see, they have taken advantage of the wallow

piggies after a mud bath

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Our first chicks for 2018

On of our hens usual goes broody in Spring, so again, we were happy to let her sit on some eggs. We chose olive green eggs which will hatch into Marsbar chicks, as they are crossed between an Maran and Legbar. The beauty is you can see on day 1 after hatching, if you have boys or girls.

chicks May 2018

And there was a lucky dip egg included, so a yellow chick as a bonus. Love having different breeds around, they all lay different colour eggs.

At the moment we have white, light brown and light green eggs. If all goes well and the chicks grown into layers, we will also get olive green eggs and light blue coloured eggs.

When the hen goes broody again, I will try some dark brown eggs, would make a fantastic colourful egg box.



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Bouncing lambs

The first 7 lambs have been moved into the big pen, so they can enjoy the company of the other lambs. As they had been in a small bonding pen, they can’t wait to stretch their legs and bounce around. Will never get tired of watching this… When the weather has improved a bit, we can get them out in the field and then they can run as much as they like.

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Silvia’s lambs

Another set of twins, this time from Silvia. A very experienced Mum, all went very well. She gave us a ewe lamb and ram lamb, total now so far at 4 ewe lambs and 7 ram lambs.

3 more ewes to go. Fingers crossed they all turn out as well as the 11 lambs…




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