Blaenpant, our smallholding in Wales.

We have moved here in October 2012, and not a single moment regretted this move from busy Surrey to wonderful and rural Carmarthenshire.

We are now running a small flock of Llanwenog sheep, some rare breed pigs plus our chickens for eggs. Last summer we managed to bale our own hay, produced some beautiful honey and got some gorgeous wool from the Llanwenog fleeces. The pork from our Glos Old Spots and Saddlebacks filled our freezer as well as the lambs, all very tasty.

This website is our diary of what has happened in the last year and a running comment of our experiences in the current year.

I hope you enjoy reading this.

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  1. I am a handweaver in New England, USA. My specialty is weaving with the wools of primitive, rare, and threatened British sheep breeds. I am constantly searching for yarns from these breeds. I have had the good fortune to find Blaenpant. After a journey across that very big ocean, sitting in my studio are several skeins of their pure Llanwenog and Llanwenog/Black Welsh Mountain. Blaenpant’s wool will soon dress one of my looms and become an oversized scarf/wrap that will always represent a very special smallholding in Wales. Blaenpant deserves great praise for raising one of its native breeds and for all the devoted work that goes into producing this absolutely beautiful wool.

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