Lambing has started

After months of preparation, the lambing has finally started. It will now show, that all the work we did to prepare the ewes has paid off. From choosing the right ram to providing good grazing and supplement feeding and generally looking after them.

Lambing shed was ready and we brought them in a bit earlier, because the weather was going to be pretty bad with storms and lots of rain.

lambing shed 2017

We were rewarded with 7 out of the expected 16 lambs in the first 3 days and are half way through the lambing. Okay, we only have 10 ewes, but in previous years lambing went on for nearly 6 weeks with not a lot happening in between…

I stayed up all night on Thursday as I noticed Silvia was getting close and also Suzie showed signs of labour. Sure enough, Suzie gave us the first set of twins at 1am and Silvia followed at around 3am with another set of twins. Finally got to bed at 5 am to get up again at 6:30am to check on the lambs and the rest of the ewes.

Suzie with lambs 2017


Suzie with lambs 2017

Wonda was very kind and started lambing on Saturday at 7am, much more civilised. She gave us a little ewe lamb.

Wonda with lamb 2017

This morning, Ulla greeted us with her little ram lamb already standing and suckling, when we checked at 2am, nothing was showing.

Ulla with lamb 2017

And her sister Ute showed solidarity and started pushing and we had another little ram lamb.

Ute with lamb 2017

So far all went very well, no complications and problems. we have 5 more ewes to lamb, 4 of them look pretty much ready. Just have to continue to watch their progress very closely. 4 of the ewes carry twins and 1 carries a single. Once they are all born, it will be pretty busy in the shed.


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