Spring has arrived – finally

After month and month of rain and storms, the sun finally has made a more permanent appearance. It is so nice to be outside, not having to fight the wind, worry about the animals in the soggy fields and just enjoy the views.

The lambs have now been moved to a new field, much more grass for them and a bit more space to run around in.

Moved ewes and lambs into new field

Moved ewes and lambs into new field


The top field still has the ‘older’ lambs in, but they need to get moved soon, so we can shut this field off to grow our hay. Because of the amount of rain and long cold spells, the grass is not growing as well as it should do. Hopefully after the current period of sunshine and promised higher temperatures, the grass should improve soon.


Araucana hen gone broody

Araucana hen gone broody


One of our hens has also gone broody again, we got her some fertilised eggs to incubate, so hopefully, all being well, they should hatch this weekend. She did very well last year and raised 4 chicks, currently she is still sitting on 5 eggs.

I miss her blue/green eggs from our egg boxes, all we get at the moment from the other hens are light and dark brown eggs.



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