3 new Chickens

Our broody hen sat for weeks on her eggs, but unfortunately, no chicks hatched.

So we decided to buy 3 more chickens from our neighbour, ‘Chicken John’ as I call him. He has always been very helpful, down to lending us a separate coop for the broody chicken and now for the new additions. The 3 new girls are trying to settle into the existing group of 5 chickens, hopefully it won’t take too long. They are ‘locked’ into the electric fencing at the moment to get them used to each other, normally the ‘old’ group will have the whole 3 acre field to roam around in. And believe me, they are protesting loudly each time they see me, hoping I let them out. But a few days should do the trick, I hope….

Already had our first eggs, dark brown and light green, it looks great in the egg box, all the different colours.

new chucks

new chucks

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